BCPInsight is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution that delivers the value and performance you need to manage your business continuity planning consistently with regulatory compliance, improved risk management, and better cost performance.

Check out
BCPInsight and check
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The BCPInsight Threat Assessment
Matrix allows you to quickly create
scenarios and assign BCP plans
associated with locations and resources.

Threat Assessment

The BCPINSIGHT™ business continuity planning system gives you the ability to quickly build disaster and disruption scenarios to determine where your company is vulnerable to threats and outages. Disaster recovery planning has never been easier!

The patent-pending user interface and relational design of this powerful, yet easy-to-use business continuity software means you spend less time worrying, less time maintaining your plans and more time being efficient and productive. Build common scenarios like communication outages or more complex scenarios like earthquakes and pandemics and let the Disaster recovery planning software do the work for you to determine what processes, people, resources and locations are affected.

Good Disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning relies on knowing exactly what documents, inventory lists, and plans are relevant to each disruption so you can react quickly and effectively.
Event Management

With BCPINSIGHT™ you use technology to your advantage, whether you are running a tabletop exercise or managing a real-life disruption in the online conference room. Your Disaster recovery planning tests and your business continuity planning exercise are automatically logged.

Know exactly what was communicated, the documents that were referenced, the duration and the financial impact of your test or event. Everything is wrapped up neatly in a final report and event log for review by your auditors or regulatory examiner. No other Disaster recovery planning software makes it as easy as BCPINSIGHT™ does for you.
Business Process Vulnerability

BCPINSIGHT™ puts the power of easy risk scoring at your fingertips. Our Process Vulnerability Rating Assessment wizard walks you through your processes and risk scores each business process based on resource dependency, plan availability and resource complexity.

The business continuity planning system documents the resources each business process is dependent on. You instantly see a visual map of each process and its state of vulnerability and readiness.

Effective Disaster recovery planning starts with an inventory of business processes. We have pre-built a complete set of processes within the BCPINSIGHT™ business continuity software so you can get started quickly.
Enterprise Document Library

Have all of your BCP-related documentation on hand and in one place.

The BCP Document Library in the BCPINSIGHT™ business continuity and Disaster recovery planning system cross references all of your existing documentation to be easily retrieved and indexed to each scenario, event, disruption or test that you run.

See instantly what inventory you have, who works at a location, which applications are running, what plans are available to be enacted, and any other reference information you have developed to support your business processes. BCPINSIGHT™ is the only business continuity software based on Relational Resource Indexing™ (RRI) technology so you don’t have to spend time keeping the system updated or manually updating your plans. RRI makes converting from your current BCP/DR system simple, fast and easy!