BCPInsight is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution that delivers the value and performance you need to manage your business continuity planning consistently with regulatory compliance, improved risk management, and better cost performance.
Real-time event monitoring with
comprehensive final report.
With BCPInsight™ you can manage a tabletop test of your disaster recovery plan or manage your recovery during a real life event! The only business continuity software that features an online conference room and real-time event management console, BCPInsight™ lets your employees and vendors participate in the recovery process online providing easy, instant access to all of your business documents and recovery plans from anywhere using a smart phone or computer.

Active event monitoring measures up to the minute financial loss and allows you to stay in touch with everyone on the recovery team and to see what actions are taking place.

Whether the event is a test or real, BCPInsight™ archives all of the event activities, documents, notes and message board into a consolidated report and enables you to attach a final report for your auditor or examiner.
Monitor real or test events in real-time through the event manager.