BCPInsight is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution that delivers the value and performance you need to manage your business continuity planning consistently with regulatory compliance, improved risk management, and better cost performance.
Design scenarios specific
to your company.
Identify threats and pre-plan for disruptions!

Use the powerful features of BCPInsight's™ business continuity planning system to create a base set of scenarios defined around your business, how you manage it, where it is located, and the likely threats you face. Pandemic, flood, fire and other disaster scenarios can easily be configured. Unique outages such as power, internet connectivity, hardware failures, or personnel shortages can also be configured as saved scenarios to help you adapt quickly and respond in the event of a real-life occurrence.

You can assign probabilities to the threats and scenarios you create to help you prioritize the maintenance of your plans and recovery documentation. Understand exactly what resources will be disrupted. BCPInsight's™ disaster recovery planning software will let you know where you are ready and where you may be exposed.
The Threat Assessment Matrix allows you to quickly create threat scenarios and associate relevant plans.